Like investors follow equities with ease, the Acker Market Monitor seeks to keep collectors ahead of the curve
with over 200 proprietary wine indices that provide an overview of trends in the fine wine space


Acker, the world’s destination for fine and rare wine and America’s oldest wine shop and leading wine auction house, has launched Acker Wine Markets, a data-backed and insight-driven digital platform that will provide invaluable information to wine collectors and investors on the fine wine market. The new tool, available to Acker Wines account holders, stands as the most comprehensive wine indexing tool and investment database currently available to collectors and investors, bringing nearly twenty years of wine auction data to assist in shaping one’s overall investment portfolio.

With over 200 proprietary, fine wine indices, the Markets tool represents the most sophisticated and in-depth look at wine trends that exists in the market. The platform is designed to enable users to follow year-over-year changes to regional, vintage, and producer-specific trends within the wine auction space, and even brackets significant vintages for wines and their overall performance, such as the 1993 Red Burgundy vintage as a whole, the 1982 Bordeaux vintage, and many other significant vintages. Additionally, Acker Markets allows users to compare historical wine pricing and trends to commonly used equities indices like the Dow Jones, S&P 500, gold, silver, and more.

Acker Markets amplifies Acker’s commitment to offering personalized, polished, and expert service in all areas of fine and rare wine and investment. By creating an account on the Acker website, users will have access to Acker Wine Markets and its analytical tools and indices. The firm’s new website is also host to a “My Account” section, personalized to each user, giving them the power to manage every aspect of their wine buying and shopping experience, and utilize the Acker Wine Markets tool to view an in-depth account of sales trends throughout time.

“After years of perfecting this uniquely robust innovation, we are thrilled to share our new Acker Wine Markets tool with wine lovers and collectors,” said Acker CEO, Irvin Goldman. “There is no other platform in the industry like it, and Acker is proud to provide wine collectors with this indispensable information to further guide them on their wine investment journey. Whether well-versed in wine collecting, or satisfying the curiosities of a burgeoning collector, Acker Wine Markets allows all wine lovers to immerse themselves into the world of fine and rare wine and stay on top of trends.”

The Acker Wine Markets platform provides a variety of features for in-depth wine analytics, bringing decades of wine market intelligence to the forefront of an individual’s investment portfolio. Features include:

• Acker Market Monitor: with the design and functionality of a traditional equities monitor, the Acker Market Monitor provides a look at the top names in the wine world, through the company’s 200+ proprietary indices, with the ability to view one, five, or ten-year price changes and target a specific region, producer, or vintage over time.

• Acker Wine Analytics: allows subscribers to view the history of a specific wine’s sales as far back as it was traded by Acker, giving users access to decades of data, as well as compare how wine in quantity performs versus single bottles and the correlation between the age of a wine and its price.

• Acker Wine Indices: an expert-selected assortment of highly traded wines to characterize the broader fine wine market and provide an in-depth account of sales trends throughout time; detailed performance results and statistics are available to evaluate investment trends and performance.

• The Acker Fine & Rare Index: composed of about 100 of the world’s most renowned wines spanning over half a century, up to 1999, this essential index is static, representing the benchmark of the fine wine market as a whole.

• Wine & Index Comparison: allows users to compare and track the performance of up to four wines, indices, or greater equities indices on one graph.

For more information on Acker Wine Markets, please visit The Acker Markets page.


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